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YOUR errors have price your employer 1000’s, you’re in your last written warning and everybody hates you. However are you genuinely unhealthy at your job, or is all of it a plot by radical Remainers? 

What have you ever performed this morning? 

A) Got here in early to see if I may kind out that mess with the accounts and I feel, unsure, I’ll have gotten two digits transposed on the payee’s account quantity. A bit.
B) Nothing, simply the standard stuff, although little question if you happen to watch the Remainer BBC you’ll learn some smear marketing campaign about me having ‘misplaced’ £280,000 although I do know precisely the place it’s.

What are you seeing your boss about? 

A) That little slip of my fingers this morning with the account numbers. I’m positive it’s not an enormous deal. I’m positive we will get it again.
B) The bias towards me from my colleagues, the canteen women, that cow on reception and our suppliers who maintain bleating pathetically about ‘the place their cash is’.

What conversations are you having along with your workmates? 

A) At present it’s primarily stuff like ‘You probably did what?’ and ‘Jesus Christ, how?’ and ‘Cancel all my conferences, this fool’s bankrupted the corporate’. However different occasions we’ve talked about Love Island. 
B) Genuinely, universally, it’s all in regards to the pathetic makes an attempt of Remoaners to make out I’ve bought a ‘flawed character’ or ‘can’t be trusted’ which all of them completely disagree with, as does everybody.

The place do you see your self in a 12 months? 

A) In court docket, attempting desperately to show that transferring £280,000 of working capital to a German lawnmower producer was a mistake, not embezzlement.
B) Operating this place, as a result of the corrupt socialists on the high can’t ignore the groundswell of help that received’t cease till I’m put in as managing director.


Principally As: Nice information – no one is plotting towards you. Your upcoming arrest, trial and imprisonment are completely above board.

Principally Bs: Remainers are in every single place hatching vicious plans to cease your rightful ascent to the highest job which you deserve since you consider extra fervently than everybody else. Sadly, they’ll succeed.

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